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Thanks to all for a great season... click on the link below for the awards day schedule

Parents... Make sure that you attend our Awards Day on Sunday, April 27th, at Palombi School in Lake Villa Check the Awards Day 

Click on the schedule link below to check on your son's grade level schedule for his awards time


Thank you to all of our Volunteer Coaches. It is because of your time that you dedicate to our league, that we are able to have this league each and every year.

You can download all of the 2015 schedules

1st and 2nd Grade Schedule

3rd and 4th Grade Schedule

5th and 6th Grade Schedule

7th and 8th Grade Schedule

2014 Scores

1st and 2nd Grade Scores

3rd and 4th Grade Scores

5th and 6th Grade Scores

7th and 8th Grade Scores


2014 Standings

1st and 2nd Grade Standings

3rd and 4th Grade Standings

5th and 6th Grade Standings

7th and 8th Grade Standings

Our Weather Hotline is 847-604-3566
for any information on schedule changes

Sample Line ups

Sample 12 players with 2 goalies

Sample equal time
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